A few facts about us...

Had a camera in her hands since her 11th birthday. Makes people relaxed with a camera up in their face, but she has no idea how to get comfortable on a sofa!

Loves: spicy food, photo editing, green tea, and her giant fluffy blanket.

Hates: bad wifi, being cold, being hangry.

  • Hungarian
  • friendly
  • talented
  • driven
  • passionate
  • has an eye for detail

Quiet and observational but you can’t shut him up if you get him on the right/wrong topic. Gets a kick out of experimenting with vintage cameras and developing film.

Loves: seafood, water sports, travelling and growing veg.

Hates: shopping (loves charity shops), his old job, writing about himself.

  • English gent
  • adventurous
  • easy going
  • calm
  • joker
  • lucky

A Love Story

After knowing each other for a very short time we embarked on our first adventure together. Taking a leap of faith, we travelled South for the winter with the migratory birds and it felt right.

Like any journey it is as much a voyage of discovery as a voyage of self-discovery. We swapped our creature comforts for creatures, immersed ourselves in nature, witnessed every sunset and moonrise and lived in tune with the elements. We had time and environment to hone our craft. And our love for each other only grew as did our love for capturing unique images which spoke more than the documentary but also of enchanting artistic beauty. We started to plan a new adventure: somewhere where nature meets technology, fun meets hard work, and passion meets creativity.

We were asked to shoot a few weddings and we relished the mission and the challenge. We loved connecting with people and experiencing different cultures and traditions and blending into their atmosphere.

We love to reflect who you truly are and capture your sincere emotions and feelings.

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