Do you travel?

Absolutely, we love to. Passports at the ready.


What’s your shooting style?

We work as a team. Timi is working the room, she will get in the thick of it and capture the immersive shots from inside the action. Tom generally has the longer lens. Zooming in on those natural, un-guarded moments without being noticed. Did that bush just move? (Able to charm his way out of unusual circumstances)


Do you use backup gear?

Always! We bring way more batteries and memory cards than we need, we use top of the range Canons but bring our backup sidearms just in case. We use any down time to backup the images on our dual hard drive device. There is nothing more heart breaking “than this file is corrupted”.


How do you provide the images?

All our packages include an online gallery which is password protected.  So you can send the link and the password to anyone who would like to see them.

When will we receive our images?

We will quickly edit a few of our favourite shots and send them to you web quality ready. So you can send them or post them to your friends and family for a taster of the event. We will provide your full digital album to you within 6 weeks. Prints may take longer.


Do you offer albums and prints?

Yes we do. We are in touch with many professional printing companies and we can help you select the best images and compile them for you. Let’s meet up for a coffee, or make yourself a coffee and give us a Skype. We can show the different options and examples we offer.


What are your rates?

We’ll put together a price based on your requirements for the day so get in touch and tell us your ideas. Our prices start from £1500 for a full day coverage with two photographers, including an engagement session.

Our Packages

Do you need feeding?

Yes, please. We eat when you and your guests are eating. No one wants pictures of themselves with cake halfway in their mouth! We are quite happy to grab a bite anywhere but we can also even up the numbers at the tables and get to know your guests and help them feel relaxed with us. We will probably jump up between courses to capture the happenings.

How can we book?

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